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Why choose GV LIVE Classes?

Learn English online from GV’s experienced and passionate teachers.

Enjoy an interactive classroom experience where you’ll be able to ask and answer questions, participate in small group discussions, and receive regular feedback.

Be part of an exciting online learning community where you can connect, have fun, and make new friends from around the world!

Get FREE access to GV ONLINE Self-study for additional self-study and practice materials.



Group General English Program (GEP) delivered by Global Village Hawaii instructors in real time, in schedules that offer between 5 and 25 lessons per week.

Small class sizes create a comfortable learning environment with lots of personalized feedback.

Private lessons for all ages, scheduled at a time that's convenient for you.

Focus on communicative, task-based learning to help you put your English skills into practice.

Start your pathway to higher education in the USA in our GV LIVE Classes.

Connect outside the classroom with fun virtual activities like game nights, happy hours, hula, and more!


GV LIVE Classes

Connect with your GV instructor and participate in your regular GV classes using ZOOM. Our interactive platform allows you to practise your English skills, ask and answer questions, and learn from our instructors just like you would do in our real-life classrooms.

GV Online Self-Study

Improve your English faster with self-study options that enhance your LIVE classroom experience. Our online study platform provides a wide variety of course modules to help you practise your English. Choose the topics and activities that interest you the most, or skills that you want to improve on at your own pace.

Book or extend your GV LIVE Classes before June 30, 2020, and get a 10% discount!*

*Conditions apply: This Promotion is valid for a 10% discount off tuition fees for start dates within 2020. The promotion may be combined with other valid promotions and discounts. To be eligible for this 10% tuition discount, new registrations, and extension requests must be received by June 30, 2020. Students who start or extend their studies using this promotion will be able to join classes in person, in our schools once we are able to open again. For any students who still face local travel restrictions at that time, or who cannot secure a visa, we will continue to provide online access to GV LIVE classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are GV LIVE classes?

GV LIVE classes are live interactive virtual education provided through the online learning platform, Zoom. Classes are taught in real time by GV Instructors. Students can connect to LIVE classes from their desktop computer or mobile device, as long as they have an internet connection. GV LIVE classes happen on a set schedule, and students are given information to join their specific classes.

What is GV ONLINE Study?

GV ONLINE Study is an additional resource for students who want to enhance their language learning with activities and exercises that they can complete at their own pace, in a self-study format. GV ONLINE Study is available 24/7.

Who teaches GV LIVE Classes

GV LIVE Classes are taught by GV's experienced and passionate teachers - the same great people who have been teaching in our real-life classrooms!

Are GV LIVE classes interactive? How do students participate?

Our GV LIVE classes are totally interactive. Students can ask and answer questions either by speaking directly, or using the chat window. In addition, Zoom provides a feature that allows teachers to assign students to “breakout rooms” for smaller group work. Students can interact together in their breakout room and the teacher can drop in any time to see how things are going before bringing the whole class back together to continue discussions and learning.

How many students are in a class?

Just like GV’s face-to-face classes, our GV LIVE online classes have a maximum student number of 15 in Hawaii, and 16 in Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria; however, class sizes may vary depending on the particular class.

What is the class schedule?

In our GV LIVE classes, one lesson is 50 minutes long, the same length as in our face-to-face classes. Most classes consist of 1, 2, or 4 lessons. Our schedule is also the same, including breaks; however, GV LIVE classes allow teachers to be flexible in how and when they structure break times.

How do students submit homework?

Students may be asked either to email homework to their instructor, or to submit their homework through the chat feature in Zoom. Homework will typically be reviewed together as a class.

Do GV LIVE classes include weekly quizzes?

Yes, students will still complete weekly quizzes, just like in our face-to-face classes. Quizzes are managed directly through Zoom during the class time.

Do I need to use the video function to join my GV LIVE classes?

In GV LIVE classes, our teachers create a friendly classroom atmosphere where students can relax, share personal stories, and make friends from around the world. When you study in a virtual classroom, the video function is an important part of connecting with your classmates and creating rapport. It helps create an experience that’s similar to GV’s real life classroom experience. For the best GV LIVE class experience for you and your classmates, we strongly encourage using video.

For the best experience, how should I connect to GV LIVE classes?

While students can connect from any internet-connected location, on any device, students will have the best experience if they connect using a desktop or laptop computer with a strong and stable internet connection. For classes that focus on speaking, students may feel comfortable using their mobile phone. However, for classes that may require some writing, it will be easier to participate if students have a keyboard available.

Everyone wanted to make a good class and made a lot of effort for us. I feel the class is really motivated.

-Rie Ichinose

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